LAHORE - Traffic mess on different roads of the City particularly in the populated residential localities is causing annoyance for the commuters and the residents of the surrounding localities. Traffic jam on most of the City roads was due to the marriage functions on various roads as people arranged their ceremonies by blocking the roads, which not only troubled the residents of the localities but also the commuters who have to change their routes for reaching their destinations due to the road blocking. Some ambulances also were witnessed blocked in the traffic messes, which ultimately have to adopt alternate routes for reaching the hospitals. On most of the roads, long queues of the vehicles were witnessed which remained jam in the traffic mess which not only disturbed the traffic flow on various roads but also caused annoyance for the passengers, whether travelling through their private vehicles or public transports. The commuters also were criticising the authorities concerned of City District Government and PHA for allowing the people to arrange marriage ceremonies on the roads and in the parks beside roads. Mostly traffic messes were witnessed in Walled City, Samanabd, Mozang, Misrishah, Shadb-agh, Badami Bagh, Qila Gujar Sing, Ghari Shahu, Baghbanpura, Nawankot, Mughalpura, Islampura and many other residential localities. Blocking of roads by setting up barricades, fences, barriers and cement blocks for security purposes was also one of the reasons of traffic chaos on the roads because the traffic sandal on such sensitive declared roads also caused traffic jams and nuisance for the commuters.