The US Senate has approved 1.459-billion-dollar non-military aid for Pakistan for the financial year 2010. The assistance, which will be spent under the Kerry-Lugar legislation, was approved as part of the passage of a massive 1.1 trillion-dollar State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill. Under the measure, 1.035 billion dollars will be allocated as economic support fund for Pakistan while other expenditures include health, law enforcement and security. The US House of Representatives had already approved the bill and the bill has been sent to President Obama for approval. The US will also spend 268 million dollars on foreign military financing for Pakistan next year. Washington has already endorsed 1.6 billion dollars for Pakistan under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) for the next fiscal. Furthermore, the US will spend 700 million dollars on Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund next year. The total US allocation for Pakistan in the year 2010 will be 3.8 billion dollars.