DAMASCUS - Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov and Syrian President Bashar Assad discussed in Damascus Russia's participation in restoration of Syria's peaceful life, the deputy prime minister’s office told Sputnik.

"Yury Borisov met with Syrian President Bashar Assad. The range of issues raised in the conversation with the Syrian leader included political issues as well as Russia's participation in eliminating the consequences of the war in the country and restoring peaceful life, cooperation in industry, medicine, energy and other spheres," it said.

Borisov pointed out that the Syrian economy should be restored as soon as possible so that terrorists would not intensify their activities in the Arab republic.

"It is necessary to act quickly because delaying the restoration may lead to serious problems, up to the revival of the already defeated terrorists. It will be easier for extremists to find new supporters among the poor, who do not know how to provide for their families," the deputy prime minister added.

Syria has been in a state of civil war since 2011, with the government forces fighting against numerous opposition groups and terrorist organizations. As the Syrian government has regained control over most of the country's territories that were seized by terrorists, it is now focused on creating favorable conditions for repatriating refugees. Moscow is assisting Damascus in this process, along with providing humanitarian aid to civilians and being a guarantor of the ceasefire.