LAHORE         -        The Centre for Public Policy and Governance at the FC College University (FCCU) hosted a “Cities for People” conference in collaboration with the UNDP and the PIDE.

Speaking at the conference, Dr Nadeem ul Haque, vice-chancellor of the PIDE, criticised urban land-use practices of the Lahore Development Authority. He stressed the need to lessen the control of urban planning in the growth of Lahore. A number of scholars presented their papers on urban issues ranging from inclusion, exclusion, people-oriented planning, and reworking of the urban planning practices.  The discussion of issues of the practices of urban planning and development and the need to interrogate urban theory and developing it while keeping in view the local realties of Pakistani society created immense interest.

Dr Saeed Shafqat, director of CPPG, Sarah Ahmad, Iman Khan, Maira Khan, Dawar Butt, Nadeen Khurshid, Dr Nasir Javed and Khalid Sherdi addressed the conference.