ISLAMABAD-The Islamabad High Court Bar Association (IHCBA) Friday suspended bar membership of 60 lawyers for appearing before courts despite strike announced by Pakistan Bar Council (PBC).

In this regard, Waqar Ahmad Gondal Joint Secretary of IHCBA sent their names to Vice Chairman Islamabad Bar Council for further action against them. Gondal stated in the reference sent to Islamabad Bar Council, “Despite strike notice issued by the Pakistan Bar Council as well as Islamabad Bar Council, the following lawyers have disobeyed the directions issued by your good office, therefore their membership of Islamabad High Court Bar Association is suspended forthwith and this reference is forwarded for necessary disciplinary action, as your good self has already announced order of the suspension of their respective licenses to practice for one month.”

The list of 60 suspended lawyers also contained names of two deputy attorney generals including Tariq Mehmood Khokhar and Syed Muhammad Tayyab while the membership of three female lawyers was also suspended.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) rejected the unlawful allegation against legal fraternity.

Through a press statement, Secretary SCBA Shamim-ur-Rehman Malik strongly rejected and condemned the unlawful allegation posed on legal fraternity in wake of the incident happened at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) on December 11 in Lahore. The secretary expressed grave concern over the unlawful arrests of certain lawyers and torture on them during their detention and inhumane behaviour with them by the Punjab police. He questioned the Punjab government why the doctors working in PIC who were involved in this incident have not been arrested till now.

The SCBA discarded the allegation regarding direct involvement of lawyers community attacking the said hospital rather the lawyers community gathered outside the PIC building to record peaceful protest against the unwarranted speech from the ‘goons’ that have been hiding in the ranks of medical community that was the root cause of the reaction which provoked the whole legal fraternity.

He added that still the lawyers only gathered outside the said PIC to record their protest and remained disciplined till the attack that was perpetrated on them from inside the PIC with active involvement of local administration.

The secretary said that the incident was in consequence of in-action of the local police against the incident which took place on November 24.

He maintained that the lawyer community was on protest since then. They passed several resolutions and managed a sit-in in front of Punjab Secretariat gate as well as in front of Inspector General of Punjab Police and demanded the arrest of culprit doctors for so many days but all that gone in vain.