ISLAMABAD-The top management of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) failed in preventing the violent clash amongst two student groups despite being aware of the growing tension, which resulted in the murder of a student later, The Nation learnt on Friday.

The Nation reliably learnt that IIUI top management was divided and supporting different student groups to strengthen their lobbies in the university.

A violent clash between Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) and Islamians United Students Front (IUSF) on Thursday took a life of IJT affiliated student, Tufail-ur-Rehman, enrolled in 3rd semester. IJT had conducted its annual education expo where Jamaat-e-Islami leader Liaqat Baloch was also invited. Officials at university informed The Nation that IUSF felt discrimination when IJT was allowed holding education expo, while it was denied conducting ‘Cultural Week’ programme earlier.

The IUSF was comprised of Pukhtoon Council, Siraiki Council, Gilgit Baltistan Council, Baloch Students Council, Sindh Students Council, and Punjab Council.

A senior official informed that IJT was allowed holding two-day expo, but they extended it to three days and last day was given to female students to conclude the expo.

“A senior official of the president office on telephone allowed IJT to continue the expo on 3rd day,” official said. The IUSF students in dozens walked towards the ‘Activity Centre’ where IJT females were holding expo and recorded their protest and misbehaved with the administration for allowing them holding expo as IUSF was denied its activity.

Reacting on the IUSF move, the IJT students gathered around 4:30 PM at hostels and held furious speeches against IUSF act.

In a video clip available with The Nation, the IJT leader Adil Fayyaz delivered an enraged speech alleging IUSF students for interfering in expo being handled by female students, and alleged IUSF for promoting immoral activities at campus.

Later, they headed towards university canteen and beat two of the students including head of Saraiki Council Ali Ammar Naqi who was shifted to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS).

“Despite of the initial clash, university management didn’t take serious measures and next more violent incident occurred with the difference of few hours, when IUSF students reached expo centre to take revenge,” said the official.

Official said that at expo centre both groups collided and firearms were used from both sides, however, the IUSF students fled and tried to take shelter in hostels after IJT students dominated the fight.

“Tufail-ur-Rehman died when IUSF students threw a cemented block on him in hostel premises during clash,” official said.

Rector IIU Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai while talking to The Nation said that administration had ‘not allowed’ third day of expo which was being managed by female students, but however, students carried it.

He also said that the administration ‘misunderstood’ the situation after the first clash occurred at the university canteen and it was pacified by the management.

“We thought the matter was resolved and didn’t call the police,” he added.

He also rejected any division between office of the president and rector in supporting different student groups saying that there should be no recognition of any student organisation in the university.

Rector also added that a combing operation has been launched at the university hostels and complete clean-up will be done to avoid any unpleasant incident.

University spokesperson Nasir Fareed said that 16 students were injured from both sides and a high level committee has been made to completely clean the university hostels.

He added that university has 3,000 boarding students including 1,200 foreigners and it will implement strict rules for ousting illegal students from the hostels.