It's Valentine’s Day and social media is flooded with ‘Say No to Valentine's Day’ posts. Some are otherwise, but I choose to ignore them considering my forever alone dilemma.

I noticed some flyers as well, while driving back from college yesterday. They were designed to convince people to celebrate ‘Haya Day’ instead of committing this cardinal sin. This hasn't happened for the first time in Pakistan (or let me rephrase it as Islamic republic of Pakistan).

Every year on 14 February a war breaks out on media and those like me, who even pretend not to care about this day, are constantly reminded of their misery with a campaign of ‘Haya Day’ by different religious outlets.

But this year the campaign has taken up a whole new level with the state being involved.

Celebrations are banned in the capital by our interior minister. Yes, the same person who has no guts to arrest a terrorist like Maulana Abdul Aziz – a constant threat to our state.

Our president has blessed this day with his precious words. Yes, our respected Mr. President, whose only job is appearing in front of the nation and utter some words on festivities or tragedies, actually came forward and urged nation not to observe Valentine’s Day. I'm still wondering what category he put the day into, festivity or tragedy.

Now, those who celebrate Valentine’s Day choose not to care and others enjoy the opportunity to tone down their misery with this narrative. Either of them can enjoy their candy, but the main questions here are: Do we really need to float this ‘No Valentine’s Day’ policy? Has our state run out of things to fix in this country that it decided to poke its nose in personal lives of people? Or is the concept of totalitarian state turning real?

My answer to those who are propagating this narrative in the name of religion is that your bubble has a hole in it. This has nothing to do with our piousness, because if you make a little effort to dissect it, the concept of ‘haram’ goes a long way.

Celebrating birthday is haram. Observing Mother’s Day or Father’s Day isn't a part of our religion or culture. These pompous weddings are not a part of Islam. The concept of dowry is nowhere written in the scripture you follow and enforce on others. Even celebrating Eid Milad-un-Nabi is dubbed a sin by some scholars. So, brainstorm a little before you believe this sugar coated narrative.

Something is intrinsically wrong with the system where it is encouraged, or enforced, not to observe Valentine’s Day, but child marriages are prevalent. And this is just one example.

Our list of stinking traditions, practiced in the name of religion and culture, doesn't seem like ending anytime soon. So this moral policing on a harmless practice needs to stop. And here's my special advice to our president: shaking hands with namehram women has no connection with our culture, so the next time you're on a tour abroad, don't forget to teach those goras a thing or two about our culture.

Then surfaces the question about our government's priorities.  Our country is teeming with poverty, corruption, terrorism, child labor and other issues alike but our scholars and political parties have the audacity to ban Valentine’s Day.

If only we could rename our miseries, so these people could bring themselves to make an effort or even a little speech about them too. But they won't dare doing it, because it won't cheer up mullahs the way stopping Valentine’s Day celebrations does.

This is how they sow a seed of hatred in you so subtly. Yes, it has everything to do with our obsession to detach ourselves from something coming from a diverse side of the world – the West.

The same West that gives these people outlets to raise their voices and preach their views. The same West that they import their cars and phones from. Why not say no to them as well and ride a camel to show how much they care about their own ‘values’?

It's a selective, cherry-picked narrative to stop a celebration that has anything to do with word ‘love’ – a forbidden fruit in our society.

It's a prime example of brainwashing masses in the name of religion.

No wonder we are a violent nation. No wonder we lag behind the world.

Our priorities have defined this position for us. Our narratives have shaped our actions into chaos, leading us to this pit where miseries are romanticized and love is an untouchable concept.