LAHORE - The owners of the medical stores located at Mozang Road and Queen’s Road near Ganga Ram Hospital opened their business points immediately after the blast.

They had closed down their businesses early in the morning and had gathered at the Lahore Press Club in the afternoon to protest against Drug (Amendment) Bill, 2017. From there they reached the Punjab Assembly where they staged a sit-in. During their demonstration a suicide blast occurred. Wand what all started out as a democratic right to protest ended in a tragedy.

Ganga Ram Hospital was a close place for treatment of the injured. The medical stores on Mozang Road and Queen’s Road on which the hospital is located opened right after the blast and the pharmacists returned to their shops to serve the injured.

It is pertinent to mention here that 80 percent of all medical stores in the city were closed in protest against the new law passed by the Punjab Assembly.

Muhammad Kashif, who works at a medical store on Mozang Road opposite Ganga Ram, Emergency Department, said the owner of the shop had immediately ordered its opening.

Ashfaq Nazir who also works at a medical store near Ganga Ram said he was also on strike. “As I heard the news of the blast, I decided to open it and serve the humanity. We can stage protest some other day, but today all of us should come to the rescue of the injured at this tragic moment,” he said.

Some stores even contributed to treating the injured by providing emergency medicines and equipment at reduced rates or even free of cost to those they deemed deserving.