Kandhkot          -         Ghotki police on Thursday launched a drive against unregistered vehicles in various parts of the district.

According to a press release issued by district headquarters, police launched a massive crackdown against unregistered vehicles and motorbikes in various cities of the district such as Ghotki, Mirpur, Dhaharki, Ubbaro and Pano Aqil. Out of 1,100 vehicles checked during the campaign, 300 were found bearing illegal number plates while 12 people were taken into custody due to incomplete documents.

Similarly, tinted glasses were removed from 170 cars, jeeps, and other vehicles.

When contacted, SSP Ghotki Dr Farrukh Ali Lanjar told The Nation that as part of drive, police had constituted various special teams, which compared vehicles’ engine and number plates with those on their registration documents on daily basis. He said the use of illegal and fancy number plates and tinted glasses is a violation of traffic rules.