LAHORE             -        Punjab government has decided to increase allowance for sewer men by Rs 5000, besides issuing health cards, provision of safety kits and equipment to protect them against diseases spread from unhygienic conditions.  Additionally, a rescue 1122 type services to resolve the sewerage issues is also on the cards along with provision of well equipped vans for digging holes and access to the deep sewerages.  The decision was made in the meeting of cabinet standing committee on finance chaired by Punjab Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bkaht.

Minister for Industries Mian Aslam Iqbal and other relevant officers attended the meeting. Hashim Jawan Bkaht said that sewer men were equally respectable like other citizens. He lamented that the previous regimes neglected sewer men and they were denied even basic facilities.

He said the government would give marriage grants to WASA workers and jobs to kids of those who died during service. The meeting also discussed other 16 agenda items including hiring for Aab-e-Paak Authority and establishment of Bhawalpur Industrial Estate.