KARACHI          -        Police on Thursday recovered a 12-year-old body of an aged woman from a garbage dumping point in Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of the city, claimed to be preserved by her children out of love for her.

According to details, the body identified as that of Zakia Khatoon was around 10 to 12 years old, and the police only recovered parts of its skeleton from a garbage site in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 11.

The authorities said that during initial probe it was found out that Zakia had died years back, and instead of burying her, the children decided to keep her body in a freezer at their residence out of love for her.

“In the meantime, two of Zakia’s children passed away and then his brother continued to keep her body in the freezer,” they said.

However, in the wee hours of Wednesday, Mehboob shifted the remains of her sister to a nearby garbage site after what he called preserving it in a freezer for nearly 12 years.

Police, after recovering the body parts, initiated a probe and nabbed Mehboob for investigation.

The brother of Zakia explained that two children of his sister-Qaiser and Shugufta- had passed away four months back, and when he visited the residence two days ago, he found the body of his sister.

“My sister was suffering from mental illness,” the brother told police.

Police said that they had initiated a probe into the matter and the body parts had been sent for the postmortem.

The flat owned by Zakia, remained vacant for a long time before his brother visited it, it was revealed in the initial probe.