TANDO MUHAMMAD KHAN       -          The district’s only sports complex project, whose foundation stone was laid by former sports minister Sindh Dr Mohammad Ali Shah, is in doldrums even after the passage of more than 10 years.

One of the main factors for pathetic state of Rs90 million worth project is that funds meant for it were not released to the district government for the last 10 years. That’s why it is still incomplete, and only boundary wall of the complex could be seen while the remaining plot on which it was supposed to be built is deserted. Only animals can be seen grazing on the land.

Sindh Sports Minister Dr Syed Mohammad Ali Shah had laid the foundation stone of cricket stadiums in the first phase of the project on January 11, 2010.

It was claimed that the Sports complex would spread over an area of 9 acres, and it would have a gymnasium, a cricket ground and hostel facilities for the sportsmen.

The project was approved by the then Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, who had initially allocated Rs10 million for the project.


The premises adjacent to the hall that once housed the changing rooms section with showers and toilet is unrecognizably damaged due to the negligence of the authorities while it has been learnt that windows, doors had been stolen long ago and the place was converted into a den by heroin addicts.

The entrance and the pavement inside the complex lies broken from several places and require extensive carpeting. Overall, the complex presents a sorry sight and needs immediate attention of the district government.

The situation is worst given the fact that even the project’s contractor has still to be paid.

Former MPA Haji Ameen Lakho told The Nation that work on the project was initiated in 2010 on a public demand, but due to negligence of the district administration the project was still incomplete.

When asked, Deputy Commissioner Yasir Bhatti said that the project was not completed because of 2010 floods in Sindh. “The district government is still looking for the funds to complete the project,” he regretted.

When contacted, Shahzad Bozdar, local popular cricketer and President of Sath Filahi Tanzeem, told this correspondent that the district government itself had deliberately not demanded funds for sports activities.

He blamed that all young talented sportsmen special in cricket go far areas or other districts to play their matches even we have not been awarded small grants to organize the matches in district among the students, which have been grave concern and disappointment for the youth of Tando Muhammad Khan.

He said we have approached MNA Naveed Qamar, and two MPAs Aijaz Shah and Abdul Karim Soomro, and district administration along with the several cricket clubs of T.M. Khan, but all efforts remained failed, because no one care about the sports and youth.