LAHORE - The Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company has signed an agreement with CECOS University Peshawar for the establishment of a state-of-the-art engineering support centre in the premises of CECOS Industrial Liaison Centre in Peshawar.

TUSDEC is setting up common facility centres in Peshawar, Hyderabad and Lasbela to support the light engineering sector with the provision of precision manufacturing and relevant manpower training on contemporary machines and equipment to enhance productivity and global competitiveness of the allied industry. The centre will extend the modern product design, fabrication solutions, training and technical consultancy specifically to the Small and Medium Industrial units comprising the light engineering centre in KP. The centre will be facilitating the rubber and plastic goods, match manufacturing, metal and metal products, engineering and electronic goods, auto rickshaw motorcycle and scooters assemblers and parts manufacturers, aluminum products manufacturers, hunting and sporting arms manufacturers. The centre will be incorporated with high-tech machines and equipment that will be utilized to impart the trainings of advanced product design and manufacturing, maintenance and repair among the local manpower which will instigate a wage hike in the region.

Besides, with mounting production quality standards, the local manufacturing industry specifically the SMEs will be able to secure the ground in international market which will gradually ascent the export market share of the local industry.

In all of its salubriously contrived strategies to aid the economy of Pakistan, TUSDEC has been cognizant to the significant role of academia to uplift the national industry. In the same verve, TUSDEC is collaborating with CECOS University Peshawar to setup the light engineering sector to rear the manufacturing sector in KP.