ISLAMABAD  -   The residents of the capital city have been facing problems due to ever-increasing number of vehicles and lack of planning to increase parking space in the main city markets. With the passage of time, the number of vehicles has increased but no serious effort was made by the high ups at the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to expand the parking space. According to the original plan, six parking plazas were to be constructed for the Blue Area. The sites were also identified for the purpose but no real progress was made in this regard during the previous years. According to the CDA officials, six multi-level plazas are part of the original design for Blue Area.

On the other hand, the commercial plazas have no parking facility in their basements. Ideally, the plaza owners should be required to reserve their basements for parking. Long queues can be seen entering and leaving the busy city markets. The reason is very simple: the vehicles are parked at the passages as the drivers find the parking space already occupied. Similarly, the vehicles are parked along the main roads around the markets in large numbers and cause traffic jams and nuisance for other road-users. In some areas, the rush of vehicles is more than the routine rush simply due to the reason that the government has established some public dealing offices there. For example, the government established a National Database and Registration Authority office in Blue Area, which attracts a lot of people, worsening the parking problem. Same is the case outside Excise and Taxation Office in sector H-9. Until office time, it is quite hard to pass the road in front of the Excise office as the vehicles are parked meters long on both sides of the double road. Adjustment of a nearby U-Turn can help the traffic divert on to the 9th Avenue to bypass the road in front of the Excise office but the authorities concerned seem little interested in resolving the issue. Same is the case with the road in front of the Shifa hospital in sector H-8 where the visitors can hardly find parking space. The parking space inside the premises is limited and traffic rush caused by irregular parking around the hospital has been a permanent source of inconvenience for the road-users.

In 2016, the Islamabad Traffic Police had written to the CDA regarding the shortage of parking space in Blue Area and other commercial centres in the city, including F-8 Markaz which houses the city’s district courts. According to the Islamabad Traffic Police officials, traffic problem is the worst in F-8 Markaz, Blue Area, sector I-8 and H-9 outside the Excise and Taxation Office due to shortage of parking space.