ISLAMABAD:                  -             The federal government in Monday’s National Assembly session came under fire over load-shedding and non-provision of gas supply in different parts of country especially Sindh and Punjab.

The lawmakers from both the opposition and government blew hot and cold over the PTI’s government for not providing gas supply in the winter season as per the requirement.

The treasury and opposition MNAs in two different call-attentions notices blamed PTI’s government for the stoppage of ongoing gas supply projects in Punjab and non-provision of gas in Sindh.

The house, on a same mater, saw verbal brawl between lawmakers and the minister as the chair has to expunge the non-parliamentary words used against each other. The lawmakers, in a fit of pique, termed the minister as political turncoat.

Minister for Power and Energy Omar Ayub, apart from responding to the harsh comments, held both the government [PPP-P and PML-N] responsible for not working for the production of gas. “It will be our priority to facilitate the domestic consumers,” he said, mentioning Ministry of Power has increased to 229 billion rupees in one year due to the corrective measures taken by the present government. He said that a committee headed by Minister Pervaiz Khattack will look into matter and present report in upcoming federal cabinet meeting.

The gas-shortage issue dominated over the rest of the business of the house as the minister has to harsh comments on point of orders.

About power supply, the minister said seven thousand people involved in the pilferage were arrested. He said that 112 billion rupees were generated through recoveries and taking action against the power pilferage. “We have reduced the flow of circular debt to ten to twelve billion rupees per month from thirty- nine billion rupees left behind by the PML-N government,” he said, claiming that eighty percent of the total feeders have been cleared of load shedding.


Most of the MNAs of PTI’s disgruntled coalition partners (MQM-P) had not attended the proceedings of the house. The MQM-P lawmakers are normally regular in attending and participating in the business of the house.


The lawmakers from treasury and opposition unanimously decided to once again send ‘Whisle blower protection and vigilance ordinance’ to the concerned standing committee for further vetting and discussion on it. The bill was placed in the agenda for passage now will be discussed among the political parties in a parliamentary for evolving consensus.

The statement of objects and reasons of ‘Whisle blower protection and vigilance ordinance’, says, “Any person who lodges frivolous or false whistleblower information shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which shall not extend to more than two years.”

The lawmakers passed ‘Federal Government Employees Housing Authority Bill, 2020’ and ‘The Bank (Nationalization) (amendment) bill 2019’ unanimously.

The statement of objects and reasons of ‘Federal Government Employees Housing Authority Bill, 2020’ says “in order to expedite the projects on fast track by establishing a one window facility through legislation was made,”.

The statement of objects and reasons of ‘The Bank (Nationalization) (amendment) bill 2019’ says, “It was necessary to exclude NITL from purview of the Banks (Nationalization) Act, 1974.”. With the outset of proceedings, the House also offered Fateha for those killed in recent terrorist attack in Quetta and due to rains in Balochistan besides the death of former Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G Ebrahim.