LAHORE - A campaign is continuing against profiteers, hoarders and those involved in short weighing. 1525 price control magistrates raided 8753 shops and markets and 1447 shopkeepers and traders were found involved in hoarding and other violations. As many as 189 cases were registered against shopkeepers and traders while 220 persons were arrested and a fine of more than 20 lakh, 14 thousand and 100 rupees was also imposed.

Maximum fine of four lakh, 74 thousand and 500 rupees was imposed on profiteering and hoarding in district Rahim Yar Khan and a minimum fine of Rs. 2300 was imposed in district Jhang. In district Lahore, raids were conducted at 917 places and after registering 108 cases, 143 persons were arrested and a fine of one lakh and 28 thousand rupees was imposed. Raids were conducted at 2111 places for checking weights and measures and action was taken against 192 shopkeepers and traders.

According to monitoring report of Director General Industries, on the direction of Punjab Chief Minister, 636249 kgs sugar was provided at subsidized rate of Rs 52 per kg. 116279 flour bags of 10 kg each at Rs. 310 per bag were provided while 870 flour bags of 10 kg each at Rs 330 per bag and 3298 flour bags of 20 kg each at Rs. 660 per bag were provided in open market. 154558 kg chicken was provided at Rs. 236 per kg in Ramazan bazaars. Iftari was provided to 161691 citizens at 1813 Madni dasterkhawans with the collaboration of government and philanthropists throughout the province.