Islamabad - Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) police chief, Tahir Alam Khan has claimed that crime ratio in Islamabad is less than any other city or province of the country.

“I will leave my post if high crime rate in Islamabad is proved,” Alam challenged while talking to The Nation here on Monday. He was responding to a news item published in print media a day earlier. He was of the view that crime rate during the last six months in the city has rather declined. He claimed that during the last six months, a total of 62 murder cases have been reported in Islamabad which is 24.39 per cent less as compared to the corresponding period of 2014 as 82 murder cases were reported in that period. Similarly, he said four cases under section 365-A have been registered this year so far while eight such cases were reported in the corresponding period of last year. A decrease of 46.88 per cent and 44.95 per cent has been witnessed during 2015 in cases of dacoity and robbery respectively as 17 dacoity and 169 robbery cases have been reported this year as compared to the 32 dacoity and 307 robbery cases in the corresponding period of the last year, he added.

According to police record, in the first six months of 2014, 57 day burglary, 148 night burglary and 213 general theft cases were reported in various police stations of Islamabad.

A significant reduction of 21.05 percent, 32.43 percent and 29.58 percent has been witnessed in day burglary, night burglary and general theft cases with registration of 45, 100 and 150 cases respectively during this year.

The cases of vehicle as well as bike theft also reduced up to 46.32 percent and 39.01 percent during this year as 226 cases of vehicle and 136 cases of bike theft were reported in 2015 as compared to 421 vehicle and 223 bike theft cases in first six months of 2014, he added.

Meanwhile, Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of Islamabad police has busted a gang of dacoits including Afghan nationals who earlier managed to escape on July 6 after police encounter in Tarnol police area, a police spokesman said. The gangsters have been identified as Agha alias Badi, Shabran, Sikandar, all residents of Afghanistan, and Aman Nur alias Dama, resident of Malakand, and Abdu Majeed alias Sheena, resident of Bajaur Agency.

According to details, senior police officials assigned the task to SP (Investigation) Muhammad Ilyas to arrest those criminals who managed to escape on July 6, 2015 after police encounter in Sarai Madhoo area of Tarnol police station. Following the directions, a special team was constituted which traced the dacoits’ gang and succeed to arrest five gangsters. Police also recovered weapons, ammunition, one motorbike and snatched cash Rs 300,000 from them. Their other accomplices were arrested by police on July 6 when they were present in Tarnol area to loot money changer’s van.

. They confessed their involvement in 13 incidents of dacoity in Peshawar, Swat, Bahawalpur and the twin cites of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. In Islamabad, they committed dacoities in the areas of Golra, Tarnol, IJP Road, sector E-7 and Tarlai.