KARACHI - Political and religious parties on Monday demanded the government to nationalise the private power company (K-Electric) on immediate basis as the power breakdown for the fourth time in a week is enough to prove the incompetence of K-Electric.

On the other hand, the Sindh government vows legislation to punish the K-Electric.

Speaking to media persons, Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani has demanded registration of case against K-Electric for its failure to curb prolonged power outages in Karachi. Holding the power company responsible for the death of more than thousands people during the heatwave, he said an FIR should be registered against the KE. He also extended support for legislation to punish the K-Electric for its failure in providing uninterrupted power supply to the metropolis that has been experiencing fourth major power breakdown during a week.

The management of K-electric should improve their services and ensure to provide power otherwise they would be sent behind the bars, warned Sindh information and Local Government Minister Sharjeel Memon while talking to the media men here on Monday. He said the people faced worst kind of power breakdowns and the management of K-Electric was responsible for their miseries. Memon said its management proved that it not only was incompetent but continues power breakdowns was a mala fide intention of the company. He said the KE had also violated the court orders in providing electricity. The power breakdowns have also resulted in acute water crisis in the city. He declared that the people and government would not tolerate more power crisis and action would be taken against the K-Electric.

Memon also cautioned the federal government, Wapda and Nepra to change their attitude and policy towards the Sindh government and not to create problems for the people. He said the PPP did not want to play the politics of violence like Shahbaz Sharif and still wish to resolve all crises through talks. He said the federal government had completely disowned the Sindh and was creating problems for the people of the province. He said Sindh was facing 16 to 20 hours loadshedding daily. He said despite writing letters to federal government and Nepra, the province was totally ignored. He said the Sindh government was seriously thinking to take action against the KE as the situation was unbearable whereas the company was making money without providing power.

MQM leader Ameenul Haq has said that more than 0.5 million pamphlets have been printed for the campaign. It should be noted that during the last 10 years, the K-Electric has failed to upgrade the equipment and no major generation sources were made after its privatisation.

Tripping of transmission lines on daily basis has forced the citizens to have Iftar and Sehr in darkness. The K-Electric spokesperson statements over the poor electric supply have sprinkled salt on the wounds of citizens, said ANP Sindh chief Shahi Syed. He said the private power company was not capable to supply electricity to the metropolis and had gone blind to make profits by putting the lives of citizens in darkness.

JI Karachi chief Naeemur Rehman said that the privatisation of the KE had not benefitted the citizens and continuous power break down was a matter of great concern for the rulers. The party has long been demanding the rulers to take control of the K-Electric but negligence on the issue has generated crisis in the city. Power break down has also affected the economy of the city.

During a week, the city has witnessed four big power breakdowns and it was enough to confirm the failure of power utility company, said MWM spokesperson while taking to The Nation. He demanded the government to nationalise the K-Electric and utilise the money of Karachiites for better power supply. He further said instead of maintenance work, the K-Electric administration has tasked their employees for recovery of money that has created the worst crisis. The K-Electric was only focusing on making money and had made millions during the so-called operation “Burq” by issuing additional bills of electricity, he alleged.