New York City

Police are currently looking into the whereabouts of an alleged stalker who sent Rihanna gun threats via social media.

According to TMZ, the user is listed under the names of Alex Mercer and Ralph Alexander, and posted a selfie outside the singer’s home on April 30, 2015.

Following the image making its way online, police headed over to the Diamonds star’s house but the man was gone. As a result police are now tracking the suspects electronically after he sent several menacing messages to and about Rihanna. He wrote: ‘Should of killed @rihanna a minute back I would be good right now’.  The accused then continued: ‘Sorcery is a weapon I use guns’, adding, ‘Can’t. Use hands’. After his Twitter account was suspended, the alleged suspect is now back online apparently with a new alias. In a message directed at Jay Z, whose label Rihanna is signed to, he wrote: ‘@S_C_ tell them in not a stalker you know me other page got suspended’ (sic).

This is not the first time Rihanna has been in such situation as over the last few years she’s had a string of worrying occurrences.

Just last month a man was reportedly arrested after he was escorted by three police officers and the singer’s bodyguard following an attempt to gain entry to her New York City apartment building. 

Meanwhile in July 2014 a 53-year-old homeless man was arrested for hand-delivering eerie messages to her apartment in Soho, New York.

Kevin McGlynn has since been held at a psychiatric hospital for treatment after a judge compared him to the man that shot John Lennon and described the situation as a tragedy waiting to happen.