Islamabad - The weather in Islamabad was very hot but for the last few days the monsoon rains have made it fine. This weather has also affected the diplomatic community as a change is eminent in the diplomats of Islamabad. A majority of ambassadors are going back and enjoying the farewell reception these days in Islamabad.

The dean of the European envoys and Ambassador of Romania, Emilion Ion, hosted a farewell to four outgoing ambassadors at a local hotel in Islamabad.

German Ambassador Dr Cyrill Nunn, Ambassador of Denmark, Jesper Møller Sørensen, Ambassador of Spain Javier Carbajosa Sanchez and Ambassador of Egypt Said Mohamed Elsaid Hindam were invited to bid farewell to their friends from the diplomatic community and Pakistani social elite. Ambassador of China Sun Weidong was the centre of attraction for many Pakistani participants. One participant commented that the new Chinese embassy in Islamabad is the reflection of the new superpower’s face.

Chinese embassy in Islamabad is the real manifestation of the great friendship between the two neighbouring countries. The Chinese ambassador was very humble on this comment and said that the credit goes to the Pakistani government which offered a big piece of land for the Chinese embassy and we made the best and greatest embassy of China anywhere in the world.

Ambassador of France Martine Dorance is a centre of attraction in the diplomatic reception because of her charming and sweet personality. she is very polite, humble and concerned to her friends in the Diplomatic Enclave. Presently France, Austria and Lebanon missions are represented by female ambassadors but it appears that within the next few months there will be more than a dozen female ambassadors in Islamabad. As Canadian and Australian high commissioners have also arrived and they are female, German Ambassador Cyrill Nunn also said that his successor is also a female who is fluent in Urdu language also. The Romanian ambassador while cutting the cake on the occasion desired the French and Austrian ambassadors for the photograph with him.

During his address, the Romanian Ambassador thanked his departing colleagues for their friendship and cooperation during their stay in Pakistan, as part of the diplomatic / professional collaboration as well as at the personal level. Emilian Ion appreciated the general activity of the four ambassadors, who have been visible in representing their respective countries throughout their tenure. He remembered that he first met Said Hindam, Ambassador of Egypt, at a session of Mediterranean Dialogue in 1995 and that he was posted in Mauritania/Nouakchott at the same time with Javier Carbajosa, Ambassador of Spain, more than 30 years ago, reminding the audience of the beauty of the diplomatic life.

He especially thanked Dr Cyrill Nunn, Ambassador of Germany, for his cooperation within the EU working group. He mentioned that Romania and Germany enjoy very good relations and underlining that, in December 2014, Klaus Werner Iohannis became the President of Romania. It was for the first time in history when the highest office was occupied by a Romanian citizen of German origin. He lauded the activity of Jesper Moller Sorensen, Ambassador of Denmark, and wished him good luck in his new capacity of political director of the Danish Foreign Ministry. The Romanian ambassador offered all four guests of honour a gift consisting of an album presenting Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, and a CD with a famous Romanian comedy movie, “Mr. Marin Billionaire”, inviting them to visit Romania in future and expressing the hope of meeting them again. He conveyed special thanks to Aziz Boolani, CEO of Serena Hotels, for his permanent and full support accorded to the diplomatic community, as well as all the guests for being present on the occasion.

In the end, a cake cutting ceremony took place to mark the Romanian ambassador’s birthday. The four departing ambassadors expressed their deepest appreciation and thanks to Emilian Ion for organising the farewell dinner, but more importantly for extending a positive and cooperative attitude during their professional and personal interactions.

Among the guests present at the event were ambassadors, diplomats, Pakistani dignitaries, and representatives of the local business community and media.

—The writer is a freelance contributor.