“We must understand that democracy cannot work in a hot climate. To have democracy we must have a cold climate like Britain”.

–General Ayub Khan


Former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif bidding farewell to his relatives in London before presenting himself before NAB authorities in Pakistan.


No Prime Minister in the entire political history of Pakistan has ever completed her/his term in office. Out of many reasons that can be stated for such a fragile democratic culture, one that stands out is the intervention of military and establishment in the political affairs of the country. From the first coup that resulted in the ousting of Feroz Khan Noon till the judgment given by Supreme Court of Pakistan against Nawaz Sharif in the Panama case, every elected prime minister was either sent home or jail. The consequences of interfering in the political arena have come to surface in the form of a weaker federation where every federating unit is feeling aggrieved today. Considering the political instability that has engulfed the country, people are wondering if the next general elections will be held on the fixed date or not.