LAHORE-After a delay of almost two years, upcoming Pakistani film ‘Sirf Tum Hi Tou Ho’ will hit cinema screens on 19th July. The announcement was made by veteran film director Sangeeta in a press conference at Press Club on Saturday.

Speaking to the media, Sangeeta said her film titled ‘Sirf Tum Hi Tou Ho’ shooting began in Karachi on September 29. A young girl, Qurutulain, who was sitting next to the director, was cast in the female lead role while Danish Taimoor was the hero of the film, and a girl named Marium would feature in the ‘item number’.

About the challenges while shooting the film, Sangeeta said: “I sold all the property of my father to make this film. ‘Sirf Tum Hi Tou Ho’ is the project, I have been waiting for a long time. During the shooting many people did fraud with me and charged double money but I didn’t file any case against them. I am happy my film is ready to hit the cinema screens. I request everyone to must go and watch it with your friends and family members.”

Sangeeta further added: “English is considered to be a symbol of status and a sign of educated people in Pakistan. People, even if they are excellent in Urdu or Punjabi language and possess very poor English-speaking skills, will put all the efforts that they can (and often in vain) to speak in English in star hotels, airports, posh public places, despite the fact that the people to whom they are talking are of the same nationality and can very well speak in Urdu. People are judged on the bases of their English-speaking capability, not their actual skills. I am proud that I always speak in my national language at every press conference because that is my identity.”

The director sounded quite happy with the movie’s soundtrack claiming that most of the musicians who gave the project their voices were new.

Sangeeta said Suraj Baba had penned the screenplay of the film, Pappu Samrat was its choreographer and Khalid its director of photography. ‘Sirf Tum Hi Tou Ho’ is a love story revolving around college-going boys and girls. The protagonists are being played by Danish Taimoor and Qurutulain, while Mathira seems to be playing a negative role in the film.” Qurutulain said she was excited to be in the film and echoed Taimoor’s sentiments saying she’s going to learn from Sangeeta.

Script writer, Suraj Baba said that every love story has an end, but ‘Sirf Tum Hi Tou Ho’ begins from the end. The story is all about the challenges one faces after marriage. It’s a romantic ‘full paisa wasool’ film with a powerful message at the end. This is my second film and I have high hopes from it.