PESHAWAR    -  Riaz Khan, a resident of Swabi and father of Zoha who was poisoned to death, has appealed Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, Inspector General of Police and Chief Minister to provide him justice against the killers of his daughter. While talking to media, he informed that his daughter was married to Shahbaz who was in USA, adding his daughter was allegedly poisoned by her mother- in-law, when she came to know that Zoha was planning to go abroad with her husband. Resultantly, her mother-in-law along with her other son planned the conspiracy to kill her. Riaz further explained that his daughter named Aman was married to Muhsinur Rahman in the same family, who was also given slow poison to put her to sleep. However, when she awoke late at 10:00am, she suspected that Zoha was given something toxic in breakfast, he said. According to Aman, despite her sister’s miserable condition, she was not taken to the hospital in emergency until 8:00pm. At the time, when she was removed to hospital, she was pronounced as dead at 10:00pm, she said. The family is using their influence and money to divert the investigation to other side, adding the slow poison also affected his daughter, who is a sole witness of the entire tragedy, Riaz said. He also alleged that when Zoha was being shifted to hospital, her mother-in-law had taken off all her ornaments. He stated that empty pouch of poison was also handed over to police by her mother-in-law and plotted it as suicide attempt by Zoha, knowing the First Information Report would be lodged against her.Riaz mentioned that Zoha’s mother-in-law was insecure about her shifting to the USA, thinking her son might stop sending her money.