LOS ANGELES-After the Bottle Cap Challenge took the world by storm, ample amount of eminent celebrities came forth giving a glimpse of how they attempted it.

Recently, famed English actress Sophie Turner called on for an end to the Bottle Cap challenge - but with her own twist - on her Instagram Stories.

The video shows the 23-year-old ‘Game of Thrones’ starlet sitting on an airplane with a mini wine bottle. She then grabs the bottle and using her hands opens it normally, after gesturing that she would somehow untwist the cap miraculously.

“Stop this,” she said to the camera. “Now.”

Turner further expressed her point by writing “And that’s the tea” over the clip.

“I look terrible, but someone’s gotta do it,” she added.

Sophie’s request to end the Bottle Cap Challenge came after Kendall Jenner posted a video of herself attempting the challenge while riding a jet ski wearing a tiny green bikini on Monday.

In the video, which was captured in slow-motion, Jenner, 23, can be seen approaching the bottle on the watercraft.

When she is within inches of the bottle, the model pivots the jet ski so that she is alongside the container and sticks out her leg and lightly taps the cap, which spins off. The Bottle Cap trend started last month with a plethora of stars taking on it having mastered the feat.