NANKANA SAHIB - Two women were kidnapped and cash and gold ornaments were also stolen, while other was raped and the other thrashed by her brother-in-law in separate incidents here on Monday. In the first incident, Saimia Bashir daughter of Bashir Ahmed, a resident of Chawk No 14 GB in the Sadder police precincts was alone at her home. Accused Safullah, Arif, Anwar and Aslam stormed into her house and abducted her on gun point and fled away with two tola gold ornaments and Rs 20,000 case. It was witnessed that the household items were spreading here and there. In the second incident, another woman was kidnapped. Three years ago Nazia daughter of accused Shaukat married to the son of Muhammad Ali, a resident of Kot Nihal Singh in Barah Garh police area. The family of Nazia was not happy over her marriage. Muhammad Ali came to know that accused Shaukat wanted to kill her daughter due to her disobedience. Accused Shaukat Ali, Muhammad Ashraf and Lal Hussain with weapons entered into his Shaukats house and adducted his Sobia who is also aunt of the accuseds daughter and fled away with 3 tolas gold ornaments and Rs 10,000 case. In third incident, widow Shahnaz, daughter of Srdar, the resident of Chawk 12/68 in the precincts of Seyyed Wala police went to market. She was abducted by Kausar, Noor Ahmed under the pretext of buying cloths from Faisalabad and allegedly raped by Noor Ahmed. But fortunately, she managed to escape form the site and reach home. In the fourth incident, over domestic dispute, brother-in-law thrashed a pregnant woman. The sister of Muhammad Ashraf, a resident of Mohallah Mallgi in city police area got married to Asghar Ali, resident of Shahd Bagh Colony. The elder brother of his husband, Aslam alias Bagga, entered into her house and started beating her over domestic dispute. The accused was bashing her when her brother and sister-in-law entered the house. After their arrival, he got furious and took out his pistol and threaten them dire consequences but they managed to save their lives.