OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE While announcing and launching 'Risk Free Lahore campaign, DCO Ahad Chema put his hands up regarding helping the owners of hundreds of dangerous declared buildings by demolishing such decaying and dilapidated structures on government expenditures due to insufficient funds required for repairing these risky edifice. Costly action for demolishing such dangerous buildings not only is impossible due to inadequate funds, available with the government in such a financial crunch but it also seemed unethical to throw thousands of residents out of their homes, he maintained. On the occasion, he admitted that the City District Government administration could demolish only selected but the most dangerous declared buildings which are in dozens only. However, while announcing campaign in a press conference, held at Town Hall on Monday, he said main objective of such campaign is to create awareness for convincing citizens to adopt standard safety and preventive measures for saving their lives from different mishaps and accidents and making the city the safest place in present circumstances. He said that the campaign, starting from June 13 to June 18 would be observed as joint venture with industrialists and some private educational institutes and under such awareness programme, seminars would be arranged in schools, colleges and universities and other private and government educational institutes where the participants would be provided important information about traffic rules, seat belts, use of helmets, medical first aid and installation of firefighting instruments in commercial, residential and parking plazas. For making the plan fruitful, building and roads surveys would be conducted with convincing motorcyclists to wear helmets and on the basis of the successful experiment and would take the task as a long term agenda. He claimed that City District Government and Rescue 1122 are ambitious to make the city the safest place in the country according to international standard in order to provide the citizens a feeling of security. While paying tribute to the services of the Rescue 1122 he said that from the day first of its existence till date, rescue 1122 served efficiently in about 290871 emergency matters and events out of which 134997 road accidents, 1423i6 medical emergency and matters of other incidents, 8230 fire incidents, 680 incidents of building collapse, 225 bomb blasts, 3795 crime incidents, 224 other rescue operations including saving 404 drowning persons with an average response of 6.15 minutes. He said that collectively Rescue 1122 received 10204510 emergency calls including fake calls while rescued 294183 persons despite limited resources and 700 staffers deputed in 15 stations. Now this Rescue service would make the city 'Risk Free under the supervision of Commissioner Lahore Division and DCO. He said that implementation of roads safety bylaws would be implemented at any cost.