AMMAN (AFP) - The motorcade of Jordan's king came under a rare stoning attack in the south on Monday, a security official said in comments denied by both the palace and government a day after the monarch vowed to enhance reforms. "(The rear) part of King Abdullah II's motorcade was attacked with stones and empty bottles by a group of men in their 20s and 30s after the king's car entered Tafileh," the official said of Monday's royal visit. "Nobody was hurt and the motorcade changed its route." He added, without elaborating, that police "tackled the infiltrators and made arrests." A palace source confirmed that members of the Royal Guard who accompanied the king were not hurt, but the royal court and the government denied the incident. "It is absolutely groundless. Footage taken during the visit to Tafileh proves that," a court official told AFP. And government spokesman Taher Adwan said "the motorcade of his majesty the king was not attacked," telling the state-run Petra news agency that the "visit to Tafileh was successful." "All that happened was a quarrel between police and people who wanted to greet the king," who ordered several multi-million-dollar development projects in the city, Adwan said.