ISLAMABAD The PML-N on Monday staged token walkouts from the National Assembly and the Senate against the governments policy on Karachi and Kharotabad incidents and the Abbottabad commission amongst other issues. In the Senate, the budget debate could not move ahead as the PML-N and allies boycotted the session, while the parliamentary leader of the Awami National Party (ANP) in the upper house came down hard on the government, demanding the military budget be brought up for accountability. Speaking on a point of order in the NA, PML-N lawmaker Khawaja Saad Rafique, said that the opposition highlighted the Karachi incident in which a youth was shot dead by security personnel and demanded registeration of an FIR under the Terrorist Act, but the prime minister only said that he would personally look into the matter. He did not issue any directions regarding the incident. Finally, the Supreme Court had to take notice as the premium did not take any decision in this regard, he said. Khawaja said that the government did not take on board the opposition while forming the Abbottabad commission. The Parliament unanimously passed a resolution at the joint in-camera sitting but it was not implemented and after some days drones again hit the Pakistani territory. Why the prime minister is disregarding the Parliament, he questioned. Saad said that the PML-N was staging a token walkout from the House with hope that prime minister will brief the House why the Parliament was working like Musharrafs parliament. Later, the PML-N and the PPP-Sherpao staged a token walkout, chanting slogans against the government. However, National Assembly Speaker Fehmida Mirza expressed her concerns on their slogans and walkout, as she said that they should stay and listen to the stance of the government rather than staging a walkout. Sardar Mehtab Abbasi, meanwhile, said that the walkout was against the governments intension to brush every issue under the carpet. The Parliament remains unheard and finally the judiciary has to take notice. Aftab Sherpao said that after the passage of joint resolution by the Parliament, drone attacks have increased, causing more loss in Fata and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. Responding to the concerns of the PML-N, Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khurshid Shah said that Rangers personnel allegedly involved in the killing of a youth in Karachi had been arrested and would be prosecuted under the law of the land. He said that everyone including the president, the prime minister and the Parliament had strongly condemned the Karachi extra-judicial killing. They will be punished under the law, he added. He said that the government set up the Abbottabad commission in the light of a resolution passed by a joint sitting of the Parliament and the opposition could not point the finger at any of its members. The minister said that the government had always tried its best to address issues raised by the opposition and the prime minister always fulfilled his commitments made on the floor of the house. He said that the government has implemented 80 per cent decisions of CoD (Charter of Democracy) and the opposition should tell how much they have worked for its implementation. We always respect court decisions. We are not among those who attack the judges. The people should look into the past, he added. Khurshid Shah further said that the PPP would support the Punjab government to get the budget passed from the provincial assembly. We will also give our suggestions to the Punjab government in the budget and will not leave it to the mercy of turncoats, he added. Later, the PML-N rejoined the proceedings and Ehsan Iqbal of the PML-N said that the government was neglecting the verdicts of the superior judiciary that cannot be tolerated as they have given sacrifices for the freedom of the judiciary. He said had the government implemented the CoD, a number of issues could be resolved. The NA also restarted debate on the budget and a number of parliamentarians from the treasury and the opposition parties took part in it. MNA Shehnaz Wazir Ali said that the government took some good steps in the budget as no new tax was imposed and federal excise duty was abolished. She said that everyone earning well should give taxes and the government should also extend the tax net. SA Iqbal Qadri of the MQM said that the finance team did not address the energy crises in the budget and a huge amount should be fixed for this purpose. Engineer Usman Khan said that the subsidy on items which were not being used by the poor was of no use while tax on tractors and fertilisers would burden the poor farmers. MNA Nasir Ali Shah staged a walkout from the house on neglecting Balochistan. He said Balochistans property was being sold out to other countries as the Gwadar port has been sold to Singapore. He said that the unnecessary expenses of the PM, the President and bureaucrats should be cut down. MNA Manohar Lal, Sheikh Salahuddin, Shakila Kahnum Rashid, Nisar Tanveer, Nazir Bhogio, Dr Lal Chand, Pervin Masood Bhatti and Nighat Perveen also spoke. After continuous tirade of the PML-N against the armed forces, the Parliamentary Leader of the Awami National Party (ANP) in the Senate also came down hard on the government. A separate debate on the issue of appointment of leader of the opposition in the Senate could not be initiated as PML-N and allied parties boycotted the budget debate. It was the decision of the PML-N for the initiation of debate and now they backed out, said Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri after the divided opposition staged a walkout from the house. The PML-N continued their demand for the suspension of notification of Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri as Leader of Opposition. ANP parliamentary leader Haji Adeel Ahmed said that no one would dare to criticise the armed forces if they used to perform professional duties as per constitutional mandate and did not indulge in private businesses. The ANP was joining the budget debate ending boycott of the session. Haji Adeel said the practice of running profit-oriented business corporations by the Army was spilling over in other government departments like police that found a convenient way of earning money by constructing police foundations. Haji also sought the details of the premium and other profits the military earned by running private business. Whether it goes to the military budget? Haji Adeel suggested that the Army should focus on the war on terror and it was only possible if Pakistan inked a no-war pact with India for at least 30 years. If unfortunately we lost the ongoing war against terrorism it would have far-reaching consequences and the whole world, including India, will feel its impact. He said, according to statistics he compiled, 42 percent of the annual development programme goes to corruption. He was of the view that corruption had also plagued government purchasing. He said the government did not need to adopt new taxation measures and borrowings from the international lending organisations if it curtailed only 10 percent of the total corruption in all its departments. He also criticised the federal government for not introducing tax on agriculture incomes and less allocations for the major developmental projects, including small dams in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. He sarcastically hailed the budget speech of the finance minister, saying the government did not introduce any mechanism to implement decisions. On a point of order, ANP leader Zahid Khan said the government should inform the masses about the reasons behind the current shortage of petrol in the country. Senator Maulana Gul Naseeb of the JUI-F said it was the responsibility of the government to take suo motu action against the killers of a citizen in Karachi by the Rangers. Its a high time to decide either country will run on suo motus by the court or by the government. Senator Sabir Baloch of the PPP demanded the government introduce a mechanism of work permits in the country and every individual should be brought to the tax net. He said the Balochistan package was not meeting the expectations of the masses of the province. Senator Kalsoom Pervin said the killing of a citizen in Karachi is condemnable, but taking refuge of the issue some people were busy in hatching conspiracies against security agencies. Interior Minister Rehman Malik did not give enough details of the killing of the young man by the Rangers while terming it a sub judice matter. He only said that the government had responded well in time to the incident. He announced Saitara-e-Shujaat for the guard of a private bank who laid down his life during a suicide attack in Sector I-8 of Islamabad on Monday.