ISLAMABAD (INP) The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Monday said that country is passing through a critical stage and propaganda against Armed Forces and ISI at this critical juncture amounts to treason. We reject deadly propaganda against armed forces and ISI which is a conspiracy to brainwash common people to create a rift between masses and the national security institutions, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW. Every Pakistani condemns the unholy moves to discredit the guardians of ideological and geographical borders, he said while speaking at Bedari Fikr Forum. All patriotic Pakistanis should give a strong message that whole nation stands by army; he said adding that adversaries are cultivating doubts aimed at weakening the country. Dr. Murtaza Mughal called upon the masses not to succumb to the propaganda and reject the scenario painted by international media, think tanks, research institutes, intellectuals and paid studies that have no worth, he said. In 1947 and 50s, many politicians and intellectuals had described Pakistan as an economically, politically, and culturally unviable state; they are all dead now but the country is still on the map, he said. He said that a dozen countries have initiated their proxy wars in Pakistan therefore we should support institutions that are fighting for our survival. Armed forces and ISI commit mistakes, sometimes very serious, but these issues should not be used to demoralise them as it will hurt supreme national interests. They can be hold accountable once situation returns to normal. Giving examples of many recent incidents he said that all seems to be part of a conspiracy to defame national institutions of vital importance. Spy agencies of enemy nations have been engaged since long in violent subversive activities to create social and political unrest in Pakistan but they have achieved nothing. No doubt that country is passing through difficult times but the adverse propaganda against Pakistans Army and wrong conclusions about Pakistans future that is creating frustration and low morale must come to a halt, he said.