ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) Senior Vice President and spokesman had given a very careless and childish statement to an Indian daily regarding so-called safety concerns to Indian coach Birbal Wadhera in travelling to Lahore and Karachi. If one agrees to Irshads statement, the first question comes into everyones mind would be as to why Irshad gave such an irresponsible statement even if there was any kind of threat to Birbal. Just to gain popularity forced Irshad to give such a statement. Birbal had himself denied any threat to him and clarified only not to Pakistani but also to Indian media that he was completely safe and sound and felt no insecurity as the PTF had provided him with an excellent security. The media doesnt mention the second side of the story regarding Birbals security just not to alert terrorists or agents who want to destabilise Pakistan. Matter of the fact is that Birbal was given residence in the PTF Complex, which by no means was a safe place as the Complex lied where hardly there was any moment at the daytime and anyone who wanted to attack Birbal could have done it with utmost ease. There was only a single policeman guarding the whole Complex and during this correspondents frequent visits that the guy was always seen busy making calls on his cell phone or not at the scene. Birbal without asking who was at the door had opened the rooms door on numerous occasions. While hiring such a high profile person and that too an Indian, the PTF should have done their homework regarding his stay and other things and by providing a guard to him and that too when Birbal went outside of the Complex for dinner was by no means enough. It was the sense of responsibility shown by media not to mention these facts otherwise the things could have easily gone from bad to worse. Birbal had gone almost to each and every corner of not only the capital but also Rawalpindi and other adjacent areas and enjoyed the love and respect given to him by the people. His own statements in Indian press are a clear example he was so comfortable during his stay in Pakistan. After Birbals return to India, he gave very positive interviews to different newspapers and channels appreciating the hospitality of youngsters of his camp. One must realise before giving any such statement, especially a person who holds dual offices at the highest level, the circumstances and the impact of the news. Birbals family especially his father who is a cancer patient got so upset and was hospitalised after this shocking news. The PTF must hire someone who knows his responsibilities before giving any statement, which is a far cry by virtue of the PTFs steps so far in the last six months or so, only giving statements regarding the performance of the new regime is not even discussable. The PTF president is busy obliging his friends by giving them top posts in the PTF set-up and has no concerns whatsoever is the state of affairs is in the PTF. The most important Davis Cup tie against South Korea is round the corner and there is no camp for the preparations. Pakistans top players Asiamul Haq was busy playing doubles matches with his Indian partner while Samir is in UK and the most interesting thing to note is Pakistan No 1 Aqeel Khan is applying his trade in Sri Lanka as several promises were made to him and other top players of sending them to other countries for training and exposure but none of them came to reality. The time is fast running out for Kaleem Imam and company to make their acts together otherwise all the past tennis achievements of the players will only be remembered in history books and no one bothers to play tennis. The PTF Complex which was given by the CDA to the federation for non-commercial basis is being made a commercial hub as a policeman is standing guard at the main gate which is locked and the members and blue-eyed persons are allowed entry. How can one expect to groom talent without letting them inside? After several promises were being made regarding abolishing of heavy membership and monthly fees, nothing has been done so far despite the lapse of several months. An interesting thing is the PTF Complex court 1 and 2 fence and walls destroyed by the recent rains and were constructed hardly seven months back with an huge amount of about Rs 0.5 million and the shade which was constructed four times before is also broken as the material used was substandard.