Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that terrorists have nothing to do with Islam as he declared them infidels. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which is trying to destabilise the country for few bucks and to appease its masters, has no relation with Pakistan, said Rehman Malik in exclusive talk with the Waqt News. He said al-Qaeda has declared Pakistan to be its enemy number one and some traitors of the nations are providing them support. The whole nation will have to work hand in hand with the government and the law enforcement agencies to find out and crush these traitors, he added. He said security agencies keep issuing terror alerts from time to time. But if someone decides to kill himself in order to kill others and he wears a suicide west under his shirt, what the police can do because there are hundreds of thousands of men in big cities like Islamabad, and it is simply impossible to check every person wearing Shalwar Qameez (the traditional Pakistani dress). Talking about the bank attack he paid attribute to the guard who intercepted the attacker and saved others by sacrificing his own life. Rehman Malik said that information collected by the intelligence agencies is sent to the provinces while Islamabad police also receives alerts from the crises management cell of the interior ministry. Nowhere in the world the private buildings and banks are provided are provided men by the police for security, but we deploy police, Rangers and secret services personnel whenever and wherever required. He said the law enforces are checking as many vehicles as possible and it is due to these checks that the terrorists are no more able to bring in trucks and dumpers loaded with explosive material. Now they walk in from around the cities and reach their target with much difficulty and their capacity of causing damage has also become more limited because of this particular reason, he added.