OUR STAFF REORTER LAHORE Petrol again vanished from pumps in the City, making Monday the 7th day in a row wherein the motorists had to suffer badly. About 60 per cent of the filling stations ran either dry or faced severe shortage of fuel resulting from irregular supply of the commodity by the distribution companies. Meanwhile, an official of the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association told TheNation that the PSO was supplying petrol to the posh areas of the City on priority. This is further fuelling the crisis in the provincial metropolis, he said. Pumps in DHA, Model Town, Gulberg and other posh localities are being provided 70 per cent of petrol supplied by the PSO (the only supplier in the current days), the Associations Finance Secretary Mian Hamid disclosed. The rest of the areas were either deprived of petrol or were being provided with minimum supply, he alleged. For example, he added, all 10 PSO pumps around the Chuburgi area were running dry the whole day on Monday. The state-run PSO was the major provider of petrol since the crises had begun a week ago while the filling stations of other fuel distributions companies were providing almost three to four hours petrol to motorists in a day during intervals. About 300 filling stations are located in the city. The Associations other office bearers while talking to TheNation were of the view that the government did not look serious in solving the problem. All the major refineries had been supplying mere 25 per cent to the distributors; they said. The Attock Refinery had totally stopped its deliveries since last seven days due to the issues of circular debt and maintenance. The petrol was, however, available in black market at the price of Rs 125 to Rs 150 per litre. Meanwhile, the Lahorites had to suffer through another day of miseries on Monday as both petrol and CNG were not available. The CNG stations were off due to the SNGPLs announced holiday. The members of CNG and Petroleum Dealers Association predicated that the citizens might face the worst crisis yet Tuesday. The public transport was also not available in the City while it was totally absent at some routes. The bikers, usually, had to run from one petrol pump site to another to fuel their bikes. On the other side, many cities of the Punjab were facing petrol shortage. Several filling stations in the province remained closed as oil companies could not arrange fuel supplies for them, according to a local TV. There were reports that at some filling stations in Punjab where supplies were delivered, long queues of vehicles and motorcycles were seen waiting for hours and even then were supplied at much lower scale in order to cater to the needs of maximum motorists.