OUR STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has great talent not only in cricket but also in other sports like tennis needs explorations and polishing. Reza Ali Mirza, who represented Pakistan at national and international circuits and appeared in the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Championship in 1986 and French Open, Italian Open and played almost in every part of the world as a junior player. He also won Under-14 and Under-18 national championships in 1983 till 1986. In an exclusive interview with TheNation, Reza discussed in detail his achievements and talked about the people who supported him during his playing days. Reza gave credit of his prominence to his father Naseem Mirza and renowned tennis coach and the living legend Zulfiqar Rahim, who helped him in Belgium, UK and US by not only providing him with training facility at his academy but also arranged different tours for him. In a special visit to Islamabad, Reza was very shocked to see how Zulfiqar Rahim was being treated by the PTF as an alien. Despite a proper contract signed by PTF president, his students were not allowed to go inside PTF Complex. Reza said Zulfiqar is just like his father and is not only a great tennis player and a coach but also a great individual adding that a person of his calibre being former national champion he deserves respect.