ISLAMABAD - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has greatly appreciated Pakistans significant contribution to UN Peacekeeping Missions across the world, adding that this has brought credibility to the world body. According to ISPR, the UN Secretary General gave his appreciation in his opening remarks at the photographic exhibition organized by the Pakistan Mission to the UN in New York to commemorate 50 years of Pakistans participation in peacekeeping. He specifically mentioned Pakistani peacekeepers who had served in some of the most difficult circumstance and demonstrated professionalism that brought laurels for the United Nations and Pakistan. The Secretary Director General Military Operations, Major General, Javed Iqbal, was also present on the occasion. While remembering the great sacrifices rendered by the Pakistan peacekeepers, the Secretary General said, We know that this great contribution comes at a great cost. Tragically, 122 Pakistani military, police and civilian personnel have lost their lives while proudly serving the United Nations. They are sons and daughters of Pakistan but they are also members of the United Nations family. We mourn their deaths. We remember their lives. And we vow to carry forward their valiant work for peace, he said. The Secretary General said, The United Nations has 100,000 peacekeepers deployed around the world. One in ten is Pakistani. To put this another way, Pakistan is just one of the UNs 192 Member States but it is deploying a tenth of our peacekeeping personnel. The numbers tell only part of the story. The other part is played out in the lives of people recovering from war. Women who are treated by female members of Pakistans medical unit and the children who play football on fields constructed by Pakistani troops as well as civilians who are able to live in peace thanks to the stabilizing presence of these brave Pakistanis. We see the pride on their faces. And we see the many ways they help people recovering from war, the Secretary General said. In his welcoming remarks, Ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon, Pakistans Permanent Representative to the UN underscored that, Pakistans consistent participation in UN Peacekeeping over five decades was a clear demonstration of its commitment towards maintenance of international peace and security. The Ambassador further said that Pakistan considers peacekeeping as the flagship activity of the United Nations and a noble undertaking, providing the basis on which the UN can lay foundations for peace and stability of countries affected by conflict. Pakistans commitment to and involvement in the United Nations Peacekeeping stems from its commitment to service to humanity, international peace, collective security, peace-making and post-conflict peace-building. Adherence to these elements has led it to actively cooperate and consistently participate in the peacekeeping efforts of the United Nations. Pakistan began participating in the UN Peacekeeping in 1960 when it deployed its troops in the United Nations Operation in Congo (ONUC). Over the past 50 years, Pakistan has been one of the largest and most consistent contributors to UN peacekeeping operations. Pakistan has participated in 38 UN Peacekeeping Missions contributing over 100,000 peacekeepers. As many as 122 Pakistani peacekeepers have laid down their lives in the cause for achieving peace and forging tranquility in troubled countries of the world. In addition, around 100 personnel have been wounded. Since 2006 Pakistan is the largest troop contributing country with over 10,600 personnel deployed in nine peacekeeping missions. This constitutes 10 percent of the total UN peacekeeping deployment. At the end one-minute silence was observed to pay homage to those Pakistani peacekeepers who laid down their lives in service of the United Nations.