LAHORE   -  The Lahore Arts Council arranged a condolence reference for Dr Enver Sajjad on Thursday evening at Alhamra.

Noted writers and intellectuals spoke about different aspects of his life and work. They highlighted his notable works of published fiction include masterpieces such as Chauraha, Zard Dupehar, Janam Roop, Yeh Zameen Meri Hai, Raat ka Pichla Pehar, Koyal Khushiyon Ka Baagh and Neeli Notebook.

Mian Ejazul Hassan, Muneeza Hashmi, Tauqeer Nasir ,Asghar Nadeem Syed, Priya Sajjad and Khalid Abbas Dar remembered the veteran as a great writer and intellectual. 

Mian Ejazul Hassan said Enver Sajjad was truly artistic in his style. “He wrote many great plays and short stories. He was a kind hearted person and was a great humanist who always used his pen to support the exploited people in society. He was undoubtedly a role model for our younger generation.”

Alhamra Chairman Tauqeer Nasir also spoke on the occasion.

“Dr Enver Sajjad always adopted a logical and thought-provoking attitude and never surrendered to injustice. We work really hard during the Sajjad’s drama series “Zard Dupeher” which got much appreciation by the audience said Shujat.

Muneeza Hashmi said, he was a doctor by profession but his ‘s services for literature are matchless. “He was a kindhearted man who spent his life for raising voice for justice. He was a man who served his country without any greed. We should continue his mission for social justice, and equality.”

Speaking on the occasion, Asghar Nadeem Syed said that Dr Anwar Sajjad was very honest person who played a very noteworthy role in social justice through his writing. He portrayed the ground realities of society through his drama and short stories. He was a great teacher and a mentor to several leading names in the industry.

Executive Director of Lahore Arts Council Ather Ali Khan said that Dr Sajjad was presidential award holder he was not only known for an immaculate command on short-story writing and fiction at large but he was an amazingly gifted voice-over artist. He was truly artistic in his illustration of ideas that he offered very tough and sensitive topics in simple way. He was a kind hearted person who always used his pen to support the exploited people in society, he concluded.

While expresses his views Khalid Abbas Dar said the deceased was a great writer.

“Enver represented the sorrows and miseries of a middle class family and sensed the pain of society.”