ISLAMABAD  -   The Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed on Thursday reiterated to fully cooperate with the Prime Minister Accountability Commission for investigation into Rs24, 000 billion loans taken by the previous government.

Speaking at a press conference, he said the information to be submitted before the commission was pertaining to debts taken in lieu of roads and then allegedly plundered by the prior regimes

Earlier, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced to form a high-powered inquiry commission to probe into the Rs24, 000 billion loans acquired in the last 10 years. The minister said that the details would also be extended to the commission as to how some contractors were given special favours in the award of contracts. 

“We will inform the commission as to how some contractors were given special favours in the award of contracts”, the federal minister stated, adding: “The process of accountability has been started and all the institutions will have to play their role to curb this curse.

He has also announced to volunteer the record of all the debts taken under its subordinate division before the commission.

He maintained that Rs4.5 billion had been recovered in National Highway Authority (NHA) after a special audit, and the process of this recovery would continue in future.

Responding to a question, the minister said that there would be across the board accountability, and if any PTI leader found involved in corruption, then they will go behind the bars. When questioned about almost half of the reduction in Public Sector Development Program of NHA, he replied that the former government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) had prepared a fabricated budget and included several unapproved project.

It is pertinent to mention here that besides criticising the predecessors, the incumbent government has also included 36 unapproved schemes of NHA in PSDP 2019-20.

The budgetary allocation of Rs155.96 billion for NHA in year 2019-20 is almost 50 per cent low as compare to previous allocation of Rs301.6bn made by the PML-N government in financial year 2019-20, which was also slashed up to Rs185.197bn by incumbent government in revised PSDP 2019-20.