ISLAMABAD   -   Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority on Thurs­day directed private schools and colleges of the city to submit grade-wise fee structure to the authority to recalculate and set new fee model following the Su­preme Court decision.

PEIRA has written a letter to all private schools and colleges charging base fee in excess of Rs5,000. The SC had ordered to recalculate the fee of all private schools and colleges charging above Rs5,000.

Officials said that all private schools and colleges charging above Rs5,000 had been direct­ed by PEIRA to submit their grade-wise base fee charged during the academic years of 2017 to 2019.

Officials said that PEIRA would recalculate the fee follow­ing the SC orders and determine new grade-wise fee structure.

PEIRA has also directed all such private schools and colleg­es to comply with the SC orders and legal action will be taken against institution for providing wrong information about base fee of the academic year 2017.

The letter available with The Nation said that in pursuance of judgment of Supreme Court, all private educational institu­tions charging fee in excess of Rs5,000 per month are directed to submit their grade-wise base fee charged during the academic year ended in 2017, till 201-06-2019 to enable the Authority to recalculate/determine grade-wise base fee of private schools/colleges of Islamabad. The base fee determined as such by the Authority shall take effect from 13-06-2019 onwards.

It also said that till the time, grade-wise fee are recalculated/determined by the authority, all such private schools/colleges of Islamabad shall comply with the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s order dated 13-12-2018 subse­quently clarified by order dated 10-01-2019 in letter and spirit.

The letter also added that in case of non-provision or provi­sion of wrong information relat­ing to base fee of academic year end­ed in 2017, the authority reserves the right to initiate legal action against owners of such defaulter pri­vate school/colleges under section 19 and 20th of the Act. Meanwhile, Private Schools Association (PSA) expressed reservations over deci­sion of PEIRA and claimed to pursue the case in court.

Secretary Information PSA Abdul Waheed Khan said that PEIRA had misinterpreted the decision of the court and adopted anti-education polices.

He said that PEIRA had started blackmailing private institutions in­stead of implementing the SC orders. He claimed that the decision regard­ing 5 percent increase was not about private schools of the federal city.

The PEIRA officials said that the authority had received over 500 complaints against private schools and colleges through Pakistan Citi­zen Portal for demanding to submit summer vacations fee.

In a long legal tussle between pri­vate schools, parents and PEIRA, the SC in December last had directed pri­vate schools to refund the 50 percent fee charged in summer vacations.