LAHORE : Senior journalist, well-know poet and author Saeed Aasi’s new book “Kis Ki Laggan Mein Phirty Ho” has been published by the Qalam Foundation International, a well-known publishing house.  The book is a travelogue, which covers Aasi’s visits to Indonesia, Maldives and Brunei during former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto’s years in power. Aasi did these visits as a journalist along with his colleagues from newspapers and other media platforms to cover official foreign tours of the two prime ministers.  In the book, the writer tells how these smaller countries made progress, their lifestyles, civilisations, cultures, geography and climate. He has narrated what he saw and felt with flow and simplicity. It is interesting as well as informative. The book is available in the market with a beautiful cover, high quality paper and reasonable price. In case of unavailability, people can contact Qalam Foundation International, Yasrab Colony, Bank Stop, Walton Road, Lahore or call 0300-0515101 and 0321-4788517.