KARACHI - A man, identified as Sabit Anwar, faked his own kidnapping to get married again, according to the police.

Sabit’s brother had registered a kidnapping case with the police on March 10. Upon investigation, Sabit’s wife told the police that she received a phone call from her husband in which he told her that he has been abducted.

The man, a resident of Buffer Zone, told his wife that the abductors are forcing him to get married to a woman. He explained that he had broken a female schoolteacher’s leg in an accident last month near Quaidabad, the abductors were coerced him into marrying the same woman. The police tried to trace the number the call came from and raided the last location of the cell-phone but to no avail.

However, Sabit returned home at 11am the next morning (March 11). The police speculate that the man had hatched up the entire story so that he could get married again.