Since the creation of Pakistan, all sects have been living in harmony in our country. But unfortunately, on behest of foreign hands, sectarian disharmony has erupted in our country resulting in tension between Shia and Sunni factions. This sectarian disharmony was exploited by the hostile foreign anti Pakistan agencies, which geared up their nefarious efforts to destabilize Pakistan on sectarian and ethnic grounds. Involvement of these hostile agencies is evident from sectarian rifts in different cities, including the Kurram Agency in FATA, where sectarian clashes have caused heavy losses. Recently, attack on Shia procession in Karachi on Ashura and Sunni procession on Eid Milad un Nabi, as well as, target killing of prominent religious leaders like Mufti Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri and Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem in Karachi, seem to be the planned efforts of these agencies to create unrest and instability in the country. Suitable media response on the subject must highlight the importance of this issue, in order to counter misperception of Islam as a main cause of terrorism. Killing of innocent people is forbidden in Islam. Miscreants and terrorists have propagated wrong concept of Islam and jihad for their vested interests. They have misinterpreted verses of Holy Quran to promote their cause. Whereas, Fatwas (decress) have also been issued by ulemas that suicide bombing and terrorist attacks are totally un-Islamic. The government and ulemas should continue their active role in denouncing terrorism and suicide bombing so that true version of Islam could be portrayed in front of the world. Also, it is necessary to promote a dialogue process with the Taliban. And the success, achievements and sacrifices made by the security forces, in order to restoring peace in the country, must be highlighted. However, the victory in South Waziristan is being consolidated, the operation has ended and focus has been shifted to developmental work in FATA that must be projected in a proper way. The drone attacks are counterproductive as these are encouraging anti-American sentiments amongst the masses. The COAS has clearly stated that the military operation has been conducted without US help and Pakistan being an ally of the US does not mean to obey every diktat of the US. There is the downward tendency in the motivation of the militants and the perturbed attitude of the Taliban commanders over the shortfall of their human force. No doubt that the Indian RAW is involved in creating unrest in Balochistan. RAW-terrorists racket is working against Pakistan and has plans to spread sectarian violence in Karachi, whereas, mosques and cantonments are their prime targets in other cities. The possibility of RAWs involvement in terrorist attacks in Lahore cannot be ruled out as Hindi words were written on the remains of arms and weapons recovered from the ruins. India is using Afghan soil to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan. Recently, India has sent additional troops to Afghanistan, which would be of serious concern for Pakistan. RAW has been assigned the job creating unrest in various parts of Balochistan and Sindh. Indian strategy to de-stabilise Pakistan through Afghanistan, indicates old Indian game plan, derived from a similar Indian strategy of 1971; that was used to destabilise the erstwhile East Pakistan, before launching physical attack in support of Mukti Bahini of Bengali youth. On the other hand, the construction of more than 60 dams by India, on almost all rivers flowing into Pakistan, is a clear cut violation of the Indus Water Treaty. By this, India is blocking Pakistans legitimate share of water. This shows that India does not let any opportunity go wasted in harming Pakistan.