ISLAMABAD - The minimum amount of Sadqa-e-Fitr or Fitrana for Faqh-i-Jafria has been fixed at Rs150 per person, said Allama Zafar Abbas Kazmi.

Talking to APP, he said Sadqa–e-Fitr is obligatory for every sane member of a family. People must not forget the needy and deserving in Eidul Fitr celebrations.

Fitrah is to be calculated according to the price of 3kg of one’s staple food. That is, if the staple food is rice then the price of 3kg of rice is to be given to the poor.

The people using rice and flour should pay Rs 315 and those using only rice as their food should each pay Rs 480 as Fitrana. Giving Zakat at Fitra is obligatory upon the head of households, who are not poor themselves. The time for it is before the Eid prayer or Zuhr prayers on Eidul Fitr. Paying Zakat at Fitra completes fasting, secures its acceptance.