KARACHI-This Ramadan will see the exclusive theatrical release of the feature length documentary film, One Day In The Haram, in cinemas nationwide across Pakistan.

The theatrical distribution has been undertaken by Footprint Entertainment, the group which has been responsible for distribution of major foreign as well local content since 2005 in Pakistan.

From its world premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival, all the way through to its most recent premiere in India, One Day In The Haram has sold out cinema venues all over world. It is by far the most successful Islamic documentary film of all time.

One Day in the Haram is the extraordinary story of the Haram in Makkah, a place so revered that non-Muslims are forbidden from even setting foot in it. The film represents the first time in history that the Government of Saudi Arabia has allowed a film crew full access to the inner workings of the Haram.

British Pakistani director Abrar Hussain spent over a year researching different aspects of the Haram, to bring worldwide audiences the most complete and compelling vision of the Haram ever produced. Packed with knowledge and never before seen footage, this is a film that anyone with love for the religion of Islam must see.

This extraordinary film has already sold out cinemas in multiple countries all over the world, including Western countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. In Islamic countries the film has been broadcasted in countries including Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia and the UAE. The budget of the film was 50 million PKR.