SRINAGAR - Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Shah Geelani said Wednesday that "gun could be one of the options for permanent solution of the Kashmir issue besides other political means" while citing examples from the Indian freedom movement.

"When India was fighting against the British rule, on one side (Mahatma) Gandhi propagated peaceful struggle and on the other side, there was Bhagat Singh, who used violent means to achieve the freedom. India accepts Bhagat Singh as a martyr," Geelani told local news agency KNS.

"Another leader Subash Chander Bose formed an independent army against the British rule. Gun was also a factor which incremented and supplemented India's freedom movement. So, any nation which is under forcible occupation, suppression and oppression, you cannot put limits on them."

The Kashmiri leader justified stone-pelting, saying it was an option available for the helpless people of Kashmir to express their resentment. "Most often you will see that stone pelting is a reaction against use of brute force by police and other paramilitary forces. It is justified even under religion."

Geelani rejected the claim that militants from Afghanistan were entering Kashmir Valley after the US pullout from that country.

Geelani said US would never allow stability in Afghanistan like in Iraq. "So how can Afghans have time to support us physically here? They should not come here with gun and fight for us. It will never happen and it is not possible. If they can support us morally and diplomatically after they stabilize their own country that will be a big contribution from their side," Geelani said.

Referring to present situation in Held Kashmir, he said it was very much open and clear before everyone.

"Here we have an army and police rule. And so far as the so called administration is concerned, its role is also wide open. The situation in Kashmir is so dismal that even judiciary is also not able to deliver justice to people. In such a situation, you can well define that majority of our population is directly facing the state terrorism. I do not have even an iota of doubt when I say we are facing state terrorism. The majority here is continuously resisting such a situation for last 66 years," Geelani said.

About the reports regarding differences between him and Jamaat-e-Islami, he said there were no serious differences between them. "But there are differences on our policies on Kashmir issue. We give priority to resolution of Kashmir issue but Jamaat thinks it is one of the other issues and gives priority to establish an Islamic system. We say that Kashmir's freedom is not separate from our religion. Nevertheless, Jamaat is doing a commendable job which cannot be ignored," he added.

To a question that his poll boycott calls had no relevance or impact on ground, Geelani said it was his responsibility to make people aware that participation in elections was causing tremendous harm to movement.

"Elections are being wrongly portrayed by India at international level. The separatist leadership, I believe has this duty to resist and to raise its voice against exploitation. People should not participate in elections to legitimise the Indian occupation in Kashmir. Our vote legitimises all political parties who are pro-occupation in Jammu and Kashmir. Pro-occupation political parties are collaborators in gross human rights violations being inflicted on Kashmiri people as they head the unified command. On the one hand, they kill our people, torture our youth, rape and molest our women and on the other they seek vote from us. In this situation, should we participate in polls," he added.