ISLAMABAD - The religio-political party JUI-F in a bid to help PML-N government, which has halted its efforts for peace talks with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for some weeks, has decided to reconvene the Tribal Jirga of FATA to jumpstart the peace process.

The efforts for proposed Jirga are being made for last week with the intentions to make some meaningful progress on the peace process stalled in the wake of US drone attack. JUI-F being a coalition partner PML-N had earlier proposed a blueprint of the mechanism for peace talks with TTP but could not get satisfactory response to adopt a suggestive path. In an attempt in this direction, Fazl has said that JUI-F will soon reconvene Tribal Jirga of FATA to help government start the peace process.

Maulana, in his statement, has said that the drone strike halted peace process with the Taliban and now there is a dire need to seek new ways to resume the dialogue process.  He said the Tribal Jirga convened in February 2013 in Islamabad, was backed by the national leadership as such they will go back to the Jirga to take its members into confidence and seek new ideas for moving forward. Maulana said that without involving the people of FATA, there could be no effective mechanism for talks with the Taliban. He said that the Jirga will help the government to guide its efforts for reconciliation. He said that third party will not be allowed to hijack our national bid to seek peace and reconciliation.

It would not be out of place to mention here that Fazl has been pushing the PML-N government for last two weeks to convene All Parties Conference (APC) on the ongoing situation but could not receive explicit nod on it.

It is to be mentioned here that a couple of months before the JUI-F had proposed a blueprint of the mechanism for peace talks with TTP.