ISLAMABAD - Finally the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has made it clear national team head coach Dav Whatmore doesn’t want to extend his two-year contract beyond February next year. 

The matter of the fact is that Whatmore has long made up his mind to leave the coaching role, as he was fed up with players in fighting and inability to response in a positive way. The players of every country play for the pride of the nation, keeping aside their personal disputes and grudges when it comes to national interest, but the situation is completely different as far as Pakistani players are concerned. They wait for the right time to settle their personal disputes with other players and above all with the board.

The PCB has chosen wrong time to announce the expected decision of ending contract with coach Whatmore as in the prevailing situation, the head coach is very upset with the players’ behaviour. The matter of the fact is that these poor and ordinary results were in fact imparting tremendous dent on his prestige. It was his reputation, which was very much on line as Whatmore is by all means a very successful coach. His past records with different countries and clubs speak volumes about his abilities and he is a proven lad, but he was let down by the men in green and poor selection of the squads also add further miseries and played a major role in the national teams’ downfall. Even against ordinary team like Zimbabwe, expecting miracles or over the moon performance against the world’s best side was not more than day dreaming.

The players were already not paying any heed to coach’s advices and continuing with their self-styled policies, as they were fully aware of the fact that Whatmore is going to be thrown out towards the end of his two-year contract and another thing which was very obvious that the players would manage to stage comeback in the national team, just like they did on number of occasions in the past.

Pakistan team is already on the lowest ebb and instead of trying to lift the morale of the players and coach, the PCB, without keeping in mind the consequences and negative impacts, announced the decision of ending contract with the head coach. PCB interim committee chairman Najam Sethi should have taken serious notice of the selection committees blunder, who selected the Test and ODI squads, but taking notice or at least issuing a routine statement, Sethi is all out to defend the selectors and the players. How a chairman can be satisfied with such poor, pathetic and shameful, results from the players, who are earning in millions, but are in no mood to at least seek apology from the nation for their poor showings.

It is high when the PCB needs a complete overhauling, as people sitting in the board since long have been earning in millions but now they must be shown the door and replaced with those who really care about the image of the country should know their responsibilities.

The government should stay away from the PCB elections and let the regions select a suitable person, without bowing down to unwanted pressure. It will serve Pakistan cricket and the merit will prevail in all the departments, otherwise, same old policies of blessing the near and dear ones continue to haunt Pakistan cricket and such results will be more than expected even against teams like Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.