PPP leader and former Punjab governor Syed Ahmad Mehmood has announced his group’s candidates for various offices to contest the upcoming Local Government Elections, and hoped landslide victories especially across district Rahim Yar Khan due to unresolved crises like loadshedding and lawlessness.

For the offices of chairman and vice chairman from Union Council Ahmadpur Lamma, Malik Sajid Mehmood and Mehar Rafiq would be the group’s candidates, he said. Earlier, a delegation of the union council met with the former governor. On the occasion, with consultation of the local notables, Mr Mehmood made the announcement.

The PPP leader advised the candidates to remain in touch with the public and start a mass contact campaign to woo the public for the upcoming elections. He hoped that Insha’Allah, the candidates would win the elections with the public support by defeating the opponents across the district Rahim Yar Khan.  Making development claims, he said that he always worked for the uplift of the district and completed such projects worth billions of rupees and provided jobs for thousands of youth.

He said that those voted the PML-N into power were now ashamed of their electoral decision on May 11, explaining that the present rulers had disappointed the massed with their flawed policies. He added that his party had started preparations for the upcoming Local Bodies elections, and hoped that it would get landslide victories across. He added that the PML-N had carried out pre-polls rigging by “discriminately” conducting delimitation of union councils. Even then, with the public support, the PPP would defeat the PML-N in the upcoming elections as the public wants good governance in the country, he claimed.

He said that now the people were praising the PPP-led government’s policies as they were fed up with the present rulers just in four months. “The country is faced with severe crises while the government is continuously imposing new taxes on the people.

Therefore, the public stricken with price hike is forced to take to the streets. The people now lack purchasing power,” he said. “As the PPP believes in democratic norms, we want to give time to the PML-N government and let them complete the five-year tenure. However, the rulers do not want to do so because of their flawed and anti-people policies.”