PESHAWAR - The Refugee Affected and Hosting Areas (RAHA) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa conducted a series of consultative workshops by mobilising local community at union council level in two districts of the province, including Peshawar and Nowshera. "The main purpose of the orientation sessions conducted by RAHA, a UNDP project funded by European Union, was to involve the community members about their key role in social mobilization, decision making, socio-economic uplift, rehabilitation of basic amenities and interventions in health, education. The initiative focuses especially on the marginalised segment of the society in the refugees affected and hosting areas in the province," according to the project provincial Programme Manager Shukriya Syed.   

She informed that the collected information about basic infrastructure, destroyed by flash floods and prolonged hosting of Afghan refugees is another objective of the consultative workshops. Besides, she said that village-wise group formation of communities (Needs identification of CPIs, social protection and livelihood, activities, Mohallah, village wise presentation and needs prioritisation will ensure maximum coverage of the programs intervention. 

She said that the introductory sessions would be conducted in more than 24 union councils in two districts of KPK, including Peshawar and Nowshera, where Afghan refugees are still being hosting or hosted. She further said that the need identification process involves the community and they mark the CPIs, social protection and need prioritization accordingly. She informed that the Village Organizations, LSO and Union Council level would be constituted, comprising of notable and members of the community from same UCs.  She said that the RAHA-KPK Programme being successfully implemented by UNDP, with financial assistance of the European Union, in six districts, like Peshawar, Nowshera, Swabi, Haripur, Lower Dir, and Bune, due to active support and interest of local community for amicable addressal their issues at the community level.