SIALKOT-The people have spoken up to express concern against the prices of vegetables and fruits, which have spiralled out of the reach of the common man, regretting that following the unbearable hike in the tariffs of electricity, gas and POL prices, the rates of vegetables skyrocketing in local markets of Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils.

The people have strongly protested against “what they called” unbridle price hike, due to which almost all the vegetables, especially tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and green chillies have gone out of the reach of the common man.

The middlemen, vendors and shopkeepers are selling tomatoes at the rate of Rs300 per kg against the fixed official rate of Rs130 per kg, onions are being sold at Rs400 per kg against fixed official rate of Rs70 per kg, ginger Rs400 to 440 a kg against official rate of Rs345 per kg, green chillies at the rate of Rs200 to 250 per kg against official rate of Rs148 per kg, lemons Rs180 a kg against fixed official rate of Rs45 per kg, pieces Rs250 per kg against its fixed official rate of Rs94 to 98 per kg, ladyfingers Rs120 per kg against Rs58 to 62 per KG, apple Rs150 to 200 per kg, grapes at Rs200 to 250 per kg, guavas at the rate of Rs100 to Rs140 per kg against fixed official rate of Rs 62 to 66 per kg, in local markets in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils.

The consumers said that the high and unaffordable prices of vegetables and fruits have made disturbed the common man who already sobbing under the burden of worst-ever price hike.

They said that local price control committees have miserably failed to control the price hike and provide any financial relief to people.

The local vendors and shopkeepers said that local stockists, big traders and hoarders have created artificial shortage of vegetables and fruits for their vested interest.

They claimed that there no fresh supply of vegetables and fruits from other parts of the country to local markets in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils, due to which the local big traders have hoarded and stocked available vegetables, creating artificial shortage.

Meanwhile, Sialkot Deputy Commissioner visited local fruit and vegetable markets in Sialkot here. The DC took very serious notice of prevailing price hike. The DC asked the officials concerned of the Sialkot Market Committee, Municipal Corporation and District Council to take effective measures to bring down the prices of vegetables and fruits to provide maximum financial relief to the common man. He directed the officials to ensure maximum availability of vegetables and fruits in local markets. He said that the hoarders, stockists and profiteers would be dealt with iron fists.

The DC also directed the Assistant Commissioners (ACs) of the Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils to inspect local markets on daily basis to end shortage of vegetables and fruits.


As many as 55 farmers will get advanced laser units through draw on subsidized rates in Sialkot district here.

The names of these lucky farmers were selected through a draw conducted during a special ceremony held here under the auspices of the district administration.

Officials concerned said that as many as 14 farmers in Sialkot tehsil, 15 in Daska tehsil, 4 in Sambrial and 22 farmers in Pasrur tehsil will get these laser land leveler machines on subsidized rates to be provided by the Punjab government.

Officials added that Punjab government would give Rs250,000 to each of these farmers for this laser land leveler machine.

The Punjab government would provide a special subsidy of Rs13.8 million to the 55 famers for this purpose.



The Sikh Yatrees from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Dubai visited Gurdwara Baabey Di Beri Sialkot here.

They performed their religious ritual there, besides, participating in the celebrations of 550th annual birthday of Baba Jee Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Several Sikh pilgrims refreshed their pre-partition sweet memories. They also distributed sweets and charity foods there. On the occasion, the Sikh Yatrees, led by Surbjeet Singh and Pareet Kaur, said that opening of the Kartarpur corridor would act as a bridge between Pakistan and India as this corridor was a longstanding desire of the Sikh Community, which has been materialized now. They added that by the virtue of this historic act, Pakistan has won the hearts of the millions of the Sikhs across the World.

Expressing their joys, jubilant Sikh Yatrees also expressed their satisfaction over the border opening. They said that every religion of the world teaches the lessons of love, unity, affection, tolerance and respect for humanity.

They also lauded Pakistan government’s sincere efforts for ensuring religious freedom to minorities and safeguarding sacred places and Gurdwaras of the Sikh community in Pakistan.