ISLAMABAD - The '60x60 Secs' is the first project of Motiroti's 360 which is comprised of one-minute films by sixty artists from the South Asian diaspora which reveal unique perspectives of an age of migration and movement as well as a quite unique concept of home. One-minute films on diasporic identity were screened at National Art Gallery here on Monday with the collaboration of Hunerkada and PNCA. Huge numbers of the artists and their devotees participated in this unique exhibition. Over this unique offering of Motiroti's Artistic Director Ali Zaidi, Director General of PNCA, remarked, "Today the world is transmitting into global village and boundaries are shrinking. I am very much impressed by this unique idea, which has touched and addressed the issue that every alien is facing. Hardships, pleasures and agonies of all those who live in a society of other than their origin." Jamal Shah, renowned artist was also present there and commended the efforts of young artists for revealing the hidden truths and finding the ways of connections while questioning the limits, boarders and geography. Crossing geographical and racial divides, looking past political and religious definitions, 60x60 Secs seeks to unravel complex identities and stories, creating a meeting place for intercultural expression and dialogue. Using a variety of creative media techniques, including animation, photography and computer graphics, the films present fresh artistic voices and arresting narratives of everyday life and global events, breaking down the stereotypes commonly projected by popular media. Ranging from the comic and abstract to the personal, profound and often provocative, the films raise important questions about identity and what it stands for in the 21st century. Hosted in all three countries; Great Britain, India and Pakistan, the project will become a catalyst to further connectivity between artists, communities, countries and continents. In India and Pakistan, Nila Madhab Panda and Shalalae Jamil, producer/artists specialising in new media, have been appointed as Creative Associates to act as collaborators, curators and mentors. Following a successful launch and initial screenings in London and New Delhi, 60x60 Secs is now travelling to Pakistan. In the exhibition, images of the all three countries' inhabitants were displayed with their exclusive comments about the definition of home. One of the image displayed there was commenting, "Growing up with a feeling of being displaced, I decided wherever connection with people can be made, love and friendship can flourish and groom""that will 'be home' thankfully I have many homes." Screenings are confirmed for Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore from October 9 to 11 and for National Art Gallery Islamabad from 13th October to 15th November 2008. The screenings will be followed by a discussion with some of the filmmakers. The audiences will encounter these films in conventional as well as unconventional settings: TV, digital art and film festivals, art galleries, cinemas, public places, such as shopping malls, cafes and restaurants and in-flight entertainment. Motiroti's Artistic Director Ali Zaidi says, "I was born in India, grown up in Pakistan and now living in Britain, I refute singular and simplistic definitions. I learn from the creative plenitude offered by displacement. By inviting others to explore commonality and difference through art, we open new spaces for engagement."