Lily Allen has finally been granted a work visa in the United States, a year after her permit was revoked by immigration officials. Her scuffle with a photographer landed her in jail, and she was forced to cancel all her U.S. tour dates in August 2007. Ever since then, her reputation has been less stellar here in the states. We can't say who is more of a disappointment at this stage of the game...Lily or Amy Winehouse. They both gave us the best record we'd heard in a long time, and then the fame must have gone to their head, because they haven't done squat ever since But Lily is looking to clean up her tarnished image, and is planning another U.S. tour. At the BMI Awards in London, she told People, "I got my U.S. visa today, yay "It means I can go and tour there and finish what I started, which is something I've wanted to do for a while." Lily is also reportedly hard at work on her next album, due out next February. It was originally supposed to be called Stuck On The Naughty Step, but she's now changed her mind about the title. She adds, "It will be out February 9 and... it's called It's Not Me, It's You." She says, "It's different. It's just... different." We can't wait It's been way too long - HS